What Makes my Heart Sing

I’m happy to share this piece of work with y’all today! It was ordered by a sweet lady I used to work with who unfortunately, had recently lost her mother. She asked for this as a reminder of her mother. This song was played at her funeral. And what a beautiful old hymn it is! I mean, just look at those lyrics!



She had a great choice in colors too-teal blue, gold and a little black. These colors go very well together, are very on-trend right now and I think are just so beautiful and calming.

I love how it turned out. I feel it is light, beautiful and hopeful.

In that vein of hopefulness and happiness, I had an order for this cute little print below.



It was wanted {as many of my orders are} as something that would be a great daily reminder. That thing you look at when you are on your way out the door everyday, you see it and it brings courage, and a smile to face the day. It is there when you return home and there when you turn off the lights and retreat to bed. There is just something so powerful about words. When they are caught in time, as art, and live around us in our homes they can really start to sink into our lives.

This is why it is SO important to me to have scripture around my house! For real y’all, I have dry erase markers in my make up drawer of the bathroom and am constantly drawing on the mirrors in our home! The great part is, when another verse inspires me or gives me hope for that day, I erase the last one and draw the new one! Try it, it is SO freeing to draw something personal in your home!

That is also why it is so important to me to create beautiful art for my home and for YOURS! If I can draw some words for you that will make you smile, worship, pray, have faith and hope for each day, then my heart overflows! Really. God gifted us ALL with something, and something different. For some people, teaching, or practicing medicine, or being an accountant is what makes their heart sing because that’s what God created them to do…so do it well! For me, there are many things that make my heart sing, but drawing letters is one of those specific things that God just put inside me that I must do.

What is that thing that you simply must do that makes your heart sing?

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