There is Blessing in the Busy

“Hey! How are you? How’s everything going?”

“Good! Busy!



I feel like this is the response I hear from others and I give them almost daily. Our lives are busy. I rarely meet the exception, and boy, there is so much to write about our busyness. But not today. As Mother’s Day approaches I wanted to share something God has been working in my heart for a while that has made my days a bit easier to tackle.


I don’t know if it the fact that Elliott is my last baby and is 7 months old and I feel like we were just in the hospital yesterday, or Teague just turned a whole FOUR YEARS OLD and I’m realizing this is my last summer with him before we start kindergarten next year, or the privilege of being a part of teenager’s lives who graduate every single spring and its a swift reminder in my heart, “that will be your baby before you know it, Heather.” Who knows? But, recently over the last several months God has opened my eyes to my blessings amidst my busy season.



My to-do list, probably like yours runs a mile long every single day and I am never done with it. I don’t know why but for a while, every time I had to tackle a task I was frustrated by it.

Dishes, again! Why is there always something to wash, fold and put away?! Ugh, I just cleaned up this room an hour ago, WHY does it look like this? Will there ever not be crumbs You can’t even tell I vacuumed yesterday. 

See, my heart was in a pretty rotten place. I did not see these things as my joy to do for my family, but I believed a lie somewhere deep down in my heart that my family was doing this TO me. No, I didn’t consciously think this way, but at some point satan fed me the lie and I took it hook, line and sinker. I bought into the selfishness of my heart and that these people in my house – while I love them very much – were taking up MY time, were messing up MY house, were ungrateful for MY work. You see, it was all about me and not about loving them sacrificially the way Christ has loved me. Jesus was the ultimate servant and I was doing a poor job of being that to my family.



Last week we were visiting my husband’s parents. I love going to their house. It is out in the country, lots of beautiful farms to pass, large peaceful fields and they have the most glorious, long front porch that we hang out on for hours with a cool drink. Time just slows down there and it is always refreshing. We were sitting inside after the kids were in bed and we heard the most awesome thunderstorm roll in and the rain was deafening….so of course Daniel and I needed to go sit out on the porch swing in the dark and take it in. We love storms!


As we talked, much of our conversation turned to the logistics of the next week. Daniel would be gone all weekend preaching, come home and go straight to church for our own youth group that night, and then rush to our house for our kick-off of the new college ministry we were hosting in our home. The following three days would involve him being gone for church planning retreat, as well as writing a few articles in-between, answering his usual emails, phone calls, texts, etc. Even for us, its a lot and we knew it would be crunch time. In understandable exhaustion Daniel went through all of these items on the horizon and we worked out all the details of that huge upcoming week. But I sensed his exhaustion and didn’t want him to be discouraged going into this hard week, and somehow, the Lord allowed me to see all the blessings ahead of us and not the busyness!


We kept swinging and I said, “I know this week is going to be hard and you have a lot on you right now. But remember several years ago when we sat on this porch everyday and you dreamed of doing the things you are doing now? We dreamed of being at a gospel-centered church leading a great group of students and families. You dreamed of being able to write one day, more than just on your own blog but for other publications and websites. We dreamed of having children and buying a house for them to grow up in and to use as a place of ministry. You now have all of those things, but with them comes work. But without the work, you wouldn’t be living those dreams.”



I wasn’t trying to give Daniel “a talkin’ to”. I think God just gave me a moment of clarity and outside perspective to encourage my husband, but also to put my heart in a right posture again. These blessings come with work. And we should not be frustrated by this work, but see it as a joy to work for the dreams and blessings God has given us!



So this weekend while Daniel was gone, and the baby got the stomach bug and started teething, and the car broke, and we had lots of people at the house to get ready for and I was sketching designs, working on a few projects of my own and did a whole week with the kids alone while Daniel was gone again….BY THE GRACE OF GOD alone, I did not become overwhelmed or angry at all the work before me. God gave me the ability to maintain perspective and wow, what a difference! What could have been a nightmare week, was actually quite normal, and pleasant. Yeah, a little crazy here and there but really, not that bad!


I am praying each day the Lord helps me keep this perspective and protect me from the lies of “me first” and give me the heart of the Suffering Servant. This weekend as us moms are celebrated or you are celebrating a mother in your life, I hope ask God to help you see the blessing in your busy.


{Check back next week for a book review, a giveaway and updates on the re-opening of Heather’s Letters!}

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  • Lindsey

    This is exactly what I needed to read and be reminded of! Thank you Heather! Praise God for our blessings and that it’s not all about us.
    I also loved your book review and am looking forward to getting my hands on it-especially as our new little one is due to arrive anytime now.
    And Happy {late} Mothers Day!ReplyCancel

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