The Raleigh Shirt

So that Raleigh print I showed you earlier grew up and became a really fun t-shirt!


photo (1)photo (1)












What better way to show your home-state pride as a North Carolinian than to wear your Carolina Blue {go heels!} or State Red! However, if you are not from North Carolina, no worries:)We share our state and its colors very nicely.

The shirts are comfortable and soft, a standard t-shirt cut and fit. So if you are a true Medium then I would advise you to order a Medium.


Some of these sold right before I closed up shop for Christmas and everyone who received one has been very pleased! Thank you! You guys are awesome!

Shirts are $15 + shipping and if you wish to order one just head on over to my shop so you can be sporting one of these fun shirts around town!

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