The Lettered Table

Today I am SO thrilled to share one of the most fun and exciting pieces I have ever created! The Adamkiewicz’s are a fun, energetic, adventurous, sweet family who truly love each other and it shows. This is how cool they are…they went to Habitat for Humanity, bought a door and painted it black. Then, the super handy husband took metal piping and made table legs for this door and, viola! A really neat dining table for their patio was born! I told you they were cool.

I was asked to do something so, so fun to this table. To fill it with letters!

To reflect their personalities and character as a family, the Adamkiewicz’s gave me a list of words that described who they were, things that they love and are important to them as a family. The mom is a triathlete, the little boy loves cars and the little girl loves to read! Dad is a teacher and as a whole they are an active, joyful, vegetarian, faith-filled family that is all about some fun! These qualities are reflected along with some very personal inside family jokes and moments throughout the table. Then they said THE words, “total creative freedom”. And they continued to repeat that phrase all throughout the process. Those are dream words to an artist, when you mean it….and they meant it! What a gift!

So here it is!




The wife is Italian and the husband is Polish and these two beautiful words, “stolat” and “cent anni” both mean, “may you live 100 years” in their respective languages. I just love that!





Thinking of the friends and family that would be sitting around this table, the family asked that the words be placed in all different directions. That way no matter where you sat at the table, you had something to look at that faced your direction. I think it just shows how this family is always thinking of others.

To work on a project like this was just wonderful, but to do it for this family was just special. Over the course of about two months a few times a week I would go to their house and work on this table. Now, most of the time I just had my ear buds in jamming to the music as I worked (I have to work to music, do you?) but there are some lovely things I always noticed when I was coming or going from their house. Mom always cooked dinner, and a healthy dinner at that for the family. They ate together, at the table every single time I was there. The kids burst through the door, happy to come home after school each day. They help friends and neighbors and love to laugh!

It would be one thing if a family handed you a list of words that supposedly described themselves but at the end of the day it was just a list of words. The blessing I got from this is that the Adamkiewicz’s  backed it up with their lives and then some! Thank you, THANK YOU for letting me come into your home, over and over again and create this for you guys. I hope this table brings you so much enjoyment for years to come. I pray you share laughter-filled family dinners, celebrations, morning coffee, homework projects and entertaining many all around this table.

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  • INCREDIBLE! You did a great job bringing that breath taking table to life. They are one lucky family to have worked with you (; bravo, Heather!


  • Frank Adamkiewicz

    So blessed to have your talent and craft as a part of our new screen room. We absolutely love it and will enjoy it as a family treasure. God blessed you with so much talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.ReplyCancel

  • amyctilson

    That is incredible!ReplyCancel

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