Teague Turns 2!

I know people always say time flies but it really didn’t truly feel like it until I became a mama. And it’s only been 2 years! I know, I know, “Just wait till they’re 20!” Don’t remind me. Every time I see a little bit more of Teague’s “baby-ness” leave him it has made me sad. Then yesterday morning as I thought about it a little more God reminded me how that day, two years ago when I had Teague, and held him, and Daniel and I dreamed of THIS day! We dreamed of what he would be like when he would be 1, 2, 3 years old and so on. What would he look like? What would be the things he liked to do? What would be the funny little things he would say?




How fickle the heart, right? When we have a tiny baby in our hands we dream of their lives ahead and what they will be like when they are bigger. Then when they are bigger and living those lives we dreamed of, all we do is wish to hold that tiny, snuggly newborn again. So, as I stood in the mirror this morning and God spoke to me about this, I decided to stop wishing for the past, for that little boy to be a baby again. Instead, to just embrace this time! There is always lots of talk about being present in the everyday, and God revealed to me that this is a part of that! To be happy every time I see Teague learn something new and not sad when I realize it means a little more of the baby is gone. Like last night, he finally learned how to pronounce “fork” correctly instead of it sounding EXACTLY {embarrassingly} like another four-letter word. I mean, it’s cute when a 1 year old innocently says it, but what if he never grew out of it? Not so cute when they’re 6…or 26.




We had a blast yesterday celebrating our big 2 year old! It was a day of all of Teague’s favorite things: doughnuts with sprinkles, watching Curious George more than usually allowed, playing in the park, a trip to Chick-fil-A and ending the night with froyo! Praise the Lord for this little boy who is an answer to years and years of prayers! He is the best!




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