Rewind back to Christmas.

It is a fact that I am an unashamed Christmas fanatic! Christmas music begins playing in October at our house, if I miss it in the summer I pop a CD in the car in July and Christmas decorations stay up into January….and February once or twice. I just love it and hate to see it go.

So naturally, I love creating some pretty little Christmas prints to make the house that much more festive. Some are cheeky and fun, and some remind us in that busy season to stop and focus on God and His grace to give us His Son. Here are the few I was able to make in between custom orders this season.



I admit, my Christmas decorations are still up now….I know, I can feel your eyes rolling:)But I am feeling it is time for me to take this stuff down sometime soon, definitely by February! Ha. I still have one Santa Baby print left if anyone wants to purchase it and keep it ready for when they decorate next, I mean, THIS year for Christmas. Nothing like being able to unpack those boxes and have all your decorations ready and no need to run to the store. I LOVE simplicity like that! Just shoot me an email at if you’re interested and I will ship it right on out to you!

Be checking back for a few more posts I have lined up this week. Want to know why you don’t hear from me on the weekends? You will find out! Also, I am really, REALLY excited about Friday’s post… of the coolest things I have ever been asked to do as an artist. I have been dying to share it with y’all.

On to make some yummy Cherry Pie bars for our friends coming over for dinner. It is a Pinterest recipe, of course!

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