Recreation and a SNEAK PEEK!

Yesterday I showed all of you my design for the Girls Night Out event for teenage girls in my town. Well, funny thing is, someone saw that design when I posted it on Instagram and asked for the same design to be made for her but to customize it for her business. So I did and it was fun re-creating this design for another purpose!


From what I understand this is going to be made into a sign on wood for her business. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

And a sneak peek for later today…….


This print is just super fun to me. I am a Raleigh girl, born and raised, and proud of it! I just LOVE the city of Raleigh! It has this wonderful small town feel but all the perks of a big city! I had a great time growing up there and am so, so sad I don’t live there now, but at least I am close enough to visit pretty often:)

Naturally, when the song Wagon Wheel became a hit {again} this summer by Darius Rucker and I heard the line “…and if I die in Raleigh at least I will die free…” I just smiled as a Raleigh native and knew I would make it into a print! Check back later today to see what goodies this sweet print turned into!


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