Oldie But Goodie + ANNOUNCEMENT!


First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who ordered a Mother’s Day print last week! They are being shipped out TODAY and in plenty of time for you guys to wrap these up pretty for mama this Sunday:)Disclaimer: This is a bit of a longer post, but it is packed with lots of announcements so just grab your cup of coffee as you sit down to read this for a minute.


Y’all might have been wondering what is all this “change” I keep talking about for heather’s letters. I hate to string anyone along, but to be honest, they are changes I knew I wanted to happen, that needed to happen, that were GOING to happen. But I still wrestled with it. Over lots and lots of prayer, talks with Daniel and some friends-good prayerful ones-I’m ready to finally, at peace tell y’all what is going on around here!


As of today, I will no longer accept custom orders. Yikes, did I just say it….out.loud.?!


No worries! If you have already placed an order with me, OF COURSE I will fulfill that order:)Also, custom orders will not go away forever. Yay! They will come back soon, but at a limited quantity per month. I will let you know as soon as they are available!


If you have orders you would like to place for wedding invitation design, envelope calligraphy/lettering and wedding signage, I WILL continue to accept those orders during this time. And everything in the heather’s letters shop is still available for purchase!



SP quote1



So, what will I be doing? Over the next several weeks I will be completing all custom orders already placed, then creating some beautiful new products I am so excited about. It is my BIGGEST desire with this company to create beautiful artwork that would bring others joy and encouragement and ultimately, point to the Master Creator. All the while being an intentional mama, wife, student pastor’s wife, friend, etc. All these things bring me joy and I want to be a good steward of them all!


Most of y’all know, I work during the time Teague sleeps {which is a nice chunk of time in the afternoon!} but as Teague grows, he is growing out of that nap, and as our family will continue to grow over the years I just cannot keep up the pace of making all custom work, shipping, order-taking, supply-purchasing, photo-taking, post-making by myself. So I knew the changes were coming. As much fun as it is, I can’t keep up the one woman show and this is how I am confident God is leading me to do so.





I LOVE this quote from Lara Casey, well, because it’s truth. And y’all know, I’m all about some life-givin’ truth around here! This is what I had to do with this decision-pray! Pray lots, pray for the unimaginable, praise Him in the process and for what I believe God will do through this.


THANK YOU all, for being the most amazing customers, friends, and followers! All the support and encouragement y’all have sent my way are just the confirmation that I need to keep going and know that I am living in my calling. Fully living in all of it. And it is a good feeling. I also want to ask for your prayers! Pray that God would continue to lead me in this journey, to open doors, give me just what I need and that I would be submissive and moldable to HIS will.


I’ll be honest, a lot of this is a big unknown to me. I’m learning as I go and going with my gut {which I firmly believe is how the Spirit leads me, personally}. So all those prayers, words of encouragement, orders placed, are all deeply appreciated!


I will be showing you guys new products as I add them here and there and many more will be revealed later. But for now, here is an “Oldie but Goodie”. It is one of my best-selling custom orders and I decided to turn it into an 8×10 print for you guys! Those words just resonate so deeply in the heart, because we know that it is TRUTH!



It Is Well 1


This hand-lettered print is available for order TODAY for $15+$2 shipping! Yay! Put it in a colored frame, or a sparkly one and hang it somewhere pretty or give it as a gift.


It Is Well 3


Everything that you see in the heather’s letters shop is still for sale and this print is there as well! I am trying to clear my shelves of these products to start making room for new ones. As always, just email me at heatherslettersdesign@gmail.com to place an order!


Thank you for taking the time to read this, to support this growing business and dream. Boy, is it a dream! I can’t wait to look back in a few years and to see what the Lord did in all our lives, how we all have grown and how heather’s letters grew! It’s an exciting ride, friends!


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