What’s In My HL Newsletter?!

WhatSo last week I told you guys about an exciting little announcement….that Heather’s Letters now has a monthly newsletter packed with goodness to send to you!!! Can you tell, I’m a little excited?

Why is it so exciting? Well lets face it, we are busy people, and as much as I LOVE some of my favorite bloggers and business owners out there I may go a month or more without getting to check out their latest posts. However, we all check our email and there is nothing better than happy email to look forward to! Sometimes when I’m going through my inbox I save my “fun emails” like newsletters and such for last as a kind of reward for cleaning out my inbox. Weird? Maybe. Does it work? YES.

Part of my mission with Heather’s Letters is to bring beauty, encouragement and inspiration where I can to you all, and that includes your inboxes! I want you to have something fun and encouraging or pretty to look forward to and you don’t have to do a single thing other than go through your email. Its simple, and we all need a little more simple, amen?!


My guess is you have questions, so here are a few I thought you might have an the answers to them all:


1. If I sign up will I start getting lots of emails from you? – Nope! I totally respect the fact you know you are signing up for a MONTHLY newsletter and will only send that email to you. Also being a Heather’s Letters Insider you are privy to know first about big sales, classes or launches so in those rare occasions if I need to pass that info along sooner than the regular once a month email I will but I promise that will not happen every month and only when necessary. I hate a cluttered inbox just as much as you.

2. What are you going to be sending in this newsletter? – Most excitingly, FREE downloadable goodies for you!! Each month it will be something different…a print, notecard, desktop or mobile wall paper, etc. Whatever inspires me for that month ahead I will be creating beautiful new hand-lettered items for you to enjoy. As well as…

  • A round up of some favorite music, podcasts, blogs, or any fun things I am finding lately
  • Helpful content if you are a growing artist
  • Encouragement pulled from different sources to get you excited for the month ahead
  • Peeks behind the scenes of what I am working on
  • Special coupon codes just for HL Insiders, and the heads up on classes, new products and sales. Wow, can it be any more packed full with goodness? That’s a fun email to get!

3. What do I have to do to sign up? – Just enter your email address at the bottom of this post and you’re done! Like I said, I want this to be simple for you.

4. What if I don’t like the newsletter, can I unsubscribe? – I hope that’s not the case, but if so then absolutely! Simply go to the bottom of the newsletter when you receive it and click “unsubscribe” and you will never get another email from me again.


I am so excited about the rest of the year ahead and I want to invite you to join me each month and lets grow together. I’m sure this newsletter will evolve a little through the coming year but that is because I want to give you more of what you want to see and hear about! If there is something you know you would love to know more about me, my business and artwork or life, would you let me know? You can always drop me an email at heatherslettersdesign@gmail.com or leave a comment below!


Friends, thank you for those of you who have already signed up, I hope you enjoy our first issue and the 10% off coupon code to the Heather’s Letters Shop you should have received as well. If you haven’t become a Heather’s Letters Insider yet, sign up for the newsletter below and a coupon code will also be sent to you for you to use in the shop!!


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