My 2017 + February Goals

HeatherI know, you’re thinking, “2017 goals, but January 1 was a month ago?” Yeah, that’s what I used to tell myself too.


If I didn’t start a plan, a goal, whatever on the day it was supposed to start then I often felt like why bother? Well, truth is, there is nothing magical about January 1. And, I have been working on each of those goals since then but I have enjoyed the time to simmer on them for about a month and see what is realistic and adjust as I need to. So now, I’m happy to share them with you AND what progress/changes have been made!


2017 Goals:

  • 1. Resume 5am wake up calls to work and have morning bible study and prayer time. Wake up at 6am if not working. – I have jumped right back into this routine and loved it! On Tuesday-Friday mornings I am up at 5am and the other mornings except for Saturday I am up at 6. I am getting more focused work done, I feel ready for my day by the time the kids get up and I have been much more consistent in my bible study and prayer! The most important of all.


  • 2. Develop a discipleship program to take students through one-on-one. Use while discipling 2 girls during each season of the the year. – So this is cool. After writing this down as one of my goals just a few days later Daniel and I went on our annual day to plan and pray over the student ministry for the year. He didn’t know this was on my heart but I brought it up as an idea of something I wanted us to pursue in discipling our students one-on-one. He jumped right on it and right then and there we created the outline for the entire curriculum! Now just to write it! In looking at the calendar we know this won’t happen for a few more months and won’t be implemented at earliest until the fall, but wow! How cool that it got “in the works” that fast! Also, we adjusted our calendar to how many students to disciple in accordance to the rhythms of the school year, church activities, etc. Yay for progress!


  • 3. I will take better care of myself so I can feel rested, filled, healthy and energetic enough to care for everyone else. – Women, amiright?! I wasn’t so bad at this until we had Elliott, and in our busy life it is very easy for me to put myself last intending to serve others well first. So this goal encompasses lots of action steps I hold myself to monthly, weekly and daily such as : exercise, healthier eating, starting a skincare routine, planning restful activities for myself on my sabbath, getting in bed by 9pm each night to get adequate rest, etc. So far, this has gone well, it has still been a struggle, but I don’t feel as drained as I did before so I think a month of making the effort is definitely paying off!


  • 4. Continue to work at getting rid of debt and firming up some financial planning for our future. – You know, it stinks when you look at your debt and go “I don’t know if I should be proud or sad that in all of this I didn’t at least get one good vacation or anything.” Ha! Medical bills, and taxes from a horrible job we had in the past that really screwed us over, and my student loan is what we pay on. Nope, nothing fun like vacations, furniture, jewelry or home makeovers. Just boring expensive things like surgeries and taxes. The good news is we are continuing to snowball our way out of all of that so we can do and give more! This is important to us and will be a long on-going goal, but one we are eagerly attacking with a good plan!!


  • 5. Read 16 books this year! This is one I am super excited about. It averages out to a book and a half a month. So if I commit to read 30 minutes in bed each night before I go to sleep and use extra minutes reading instead of online or watching TV I can definitely accomplish that maybe even more! My reading list will be posted soon!


  • 6. Complete at least 2 house projects a month! – We moved into a house this summer that is amazing in so many ways, but is soooo “not us” style-wise. Because my surroundings are important to me and influence me in my art (and lets be honest, I’m home 24/7 so I need to not hate every paint color and light fixture I see all day) and because we are on a really tight budget (see goal 4! ) and our time is limited I chose 2 per month. That can be as small as finding a new lamp for the nightstand or as big as a room makeover. If I accomplish more than 2 per month then that’s extra awesome! But I figured by the end of the year and will be able to see that I made at the least 24 small changes to make our home feel more like our family’s home and not like somebody else’s anymore. So far I painted the playroom/office and moved around the furniture. We were going to get two more bookcases for toy storage but the budget has bumped that until next month. And I have bought paint for Teague’s room. He is ready to have it done and has been telling me for months “I want a manly room.” Too cute. 


  • 7. Workout at least 4x’s a week for at least 30 minutes to build strength, energy and have a stress-relief. – This one goes back to goal 3 – taking better care of myself. I was an athlete all growing up, and I don’t like “exercising” but I like being active! This is one of those areas I used to feel like if I didn’t get in a hardcore workout, dripping with sweat and shaking afterwards then it wasn’t worth it. And that is something I just have to give myself grace on right now. I may not be able to get that kind of workout in  every day but I might be able to put the kids in the stroller and take them on a trail with me for a long walk/run! And that is better than nothing so I am doing what I can, where I can. This has still been a struggle to get 4x’s a week down because during early morning and nap times when a lot of mom’s workout I am working. So I have to get extra creative. How do you guys fit it in? I’m looking forward to doing a better job next month!


  • 8. Continue to cultivate a legacy of a healthy, inspiring marriage by having at least one date night out a month, weekly date nights at home and attend at least one marriage conference. – So there’s a lot to this one, and it will be a continual process of planning for us to make all these things happen. So far we have had our weekly “mini date nights” I call them at home. We order food to go from a restaurant, put the kids to bed by 7 and enjoy the evening alone sharing a yummy meal! We had planned to go to a concert this month but tickets sold out before we could get them. But next month with Valentine’s Day and my birthday we will get more than one date night out so that makes up for it. Also, we plan to attend Snowbird’s marriage retreat in the fall and next month we are tuning into The Mingling of Souls Marriage conference simulcast. We are super excited about that one!


So this won’t be a forever long post I won’t even worry about January goals at this point and just move right along to February! My birthday month – woohoo!


February Goals


  • Makeover Teague’s bedroom
  • Finish playroom and office makeover
  • Watch Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference simulcast with Daniel (this will take 2 seperate nights).
  • Finish a book and a half! – Reading list coming Friday!!
  • Purchase and begin skincare regimen…because right now its soap and moisturizer.
  • Finalize financial plan and tweak budget
  • Paint our fireplace – this one is of least priority to me, and may get rolled over to March.
  • At least one date night OUT!
  • Order canvases for HL shop – this one I am SUPER excited about!!


  • Mini date nights once a week
  • Work out at least 4x’s a week for at least 30 minutes
  • Planned, refueling and restful sabbath
  • Meet discipleship student at least once a week
  • Blog 2x’s a week – This one takes WAY more time than you would imagine so its hard for me to accomplish.


  • Drink at least two of my water bottles a day – it’s this Contigo water bottle that holds 24oz
  • Read at least 30 min a day
  • Work out for 30 minutes – trying for some activity each day but really holding onto that 4x’s a week minimum
  • Skincare Morning + Evening
  • Early to bed early to rise – In bed by 9pm, up by 5am on work days and 6am on non workdays


I know, it starts to look like a lot but really so many of these have become habits and rhythms of my days I don’t think about them much. But we can kind of lie to ourselves and think we worked out 4x’s in a week but looking back I realize it only happened twice. So the list holds me accountable and helps me not to waste idle time online or doing something pointless when I have things I really want to do waiting for me. So I glance at this multiple times a day to make sure I am making the best use of my time.


Are you a goal setter? I love seeing what people are trying to accomplish and I am hugely inspired by others living on purpose. What are you doing to make that happen this year, or even just this month. If you haven’t thought about it yet, start praying about what God has for you. He will show you for sure. But always hold those plans with a loose grip, He sometimes changes them too.

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