March Goals + An Exciting Announcement!

March Goals-01


Friends, February kinda kicked my butt.

I tried really hard to accomplish every goal. I got stressed when I realized some were just not going to happen this month. Then I made the choice to let it go, not let this stop me from getting after it in March.

We all know, life happens. Kids catch the flu. You suddenly are needed by people in your life for extra long phone calls and meetings over coffee. That one project took waaaayy longer than you ever thought humanly possible. Your husband suddenly needs to travel for work.

And praise the Lord for being able to bounce and flex and fill those roles, support the ones we love and balance this big juggling act! I am thankful for the tension of these roles in my life, they reveal my weakness and push me towards a deeper dependence on Jesus Christ.

In that dependence I asked God to show me what to take on and what to shove off my plate this month. And honestly, March is going to be one of our absolute busiest months since last summer. Its a little crazy over here. But I was amazed as the list went on. I’m intimidated by it, but perhaps it will hold me accountable to put Christ before all as I begin each day, holding these goals with loose hands. I wonder what will last and what will be pushed aside by April 1? Crazy, we are almost a quarter into 2017!


March Goals

  • Work on the monthly budget with Daniel – this will be an every month goal.
  • Book hotel for my friend Paige’s wedding this month!
  • Find a great dress to wear to the wedding. – aka, fun goal.
  • Connect with two local friends over a playdate.
  • Purchase furniture for playroom/office – life pushed out time for this to happen in February.
  • Paint Teague’s dresser.
  • Makeover + pain guest room – same, life happened.
  • Sell baby items – is anyone else emotional over this one?
  • Spring/summer clothes shopping for the kids…if I don’t, they will be naked.
  • Get Mailchimp up and running
  • Send out the first Heather’s Letters Newsletter! – YAY!

Did you read that last one?!?

Yes! I am so pumped to finally be able to connect with you, friends, in an easier way for you. Each month I will deliver to you a newsletter highlighting some of the best things happening at Heather’s Letters AND when new, big things are coming up YOU get to be the first to know about them. That includes sales, class offerings, new products in the shop and because you are signed up for the newsletter you get special perks too, like:

  • Special sales only for Heather’s Letters Insiders
  • FREE hand lettered downloadable goodies like prints, memory verse cards, stationary and more!
  • HL Insider only coupon codes
  • Monthly encouragement, tips and valuable content to encourage and inspire you

This has been a long time goal/dream for me to be able to make it easier for us to connect and I am incredibly excited about it!! If any of those sound appealing at all to you then I want to invite you to be a Heather’s Letters Insider with us by signing up for the newsletter in the sidebar on the blog or at the bottom of this post! Be on the lookout later this week, I will be telling you more about the newsletter and why this is mail you will actually look forward to each month!

I would love to hear from YOU about what you want to see in the newsletter! Fun things, scripture and encouragement, behind the scenes look at my work, projects, tools I use, etc. Throw it out there because what you want is what I will bring to you. Thanks so much friends, don’t forget to sign up below and keep your eyes peeled for another post later this week!


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