Jubala Coffee Display

So if you have followed me on this site or on social media for the past few weeks and days you probably know that my art is now on display at Jubala Coffee in Raleigh, NC. I am just so excited about this and grateful to Paige and Andrew from Jubala for the opportunity!



photo 3



I mean really?! Doesn’t every artist want their work to be seen by some amount of people at some point? This = big dream come true! Even as Paige and I were hanging the work on Sunday people were stopping to look at it and talk about it. That in itself is so overwhelmingly nice.






We were climbing on chairs, and tables, and step-stools stacked on top of tables, but we got everything {safely} installed and I am so happy Paige snapped this picture of me with some of my hard work. I am really thrilled about how both of these canvases turned out! If you are in Jubala taking a look around and sipping on some delicious coffee you will see there are eight 11×14 prints displayed around the shop. Tomorrow I will share a close up of each of those prints and how you can own one too so check back then! For today here is a sneak peek of them all displayed on the wall.



photo 4



photo 6



You know how I said there are eight, 11×14’s? Well you see that “Walk the Line” print? It was created on white paper and then prints were made both on white paper and a light tan which turned out just so perfectly vintage to go with the lettering style! More on those tomorrow….



photo 5




photo 7



Some of these probably look familiar to you guys, because, well, they are! Some are remakes of favorite prints, and have been tweaked slightly, and there are some brand new ones! All the close up shots tomorrow will show you all the details of each print, what they say and so on.



photo 1



I had to include my It Is Well design somewhere since it is such a favorite of everyone’s. So I decided to go big or go home! And it paid off – literally – it has already been SOLD! Something will be in it’s place soon and I will be sure to share with you all when it does.



photo 2



And lastly, the Lamentations 3:22-23 canvas….I am so, SO happy with how it turned out! I have been dreaming of this idea in my head for a while, and knew this display was the perfect opportunity for it. I am praying it finds a good home, encouraging others the way this verse has ministered to me.  It just says “peace” to me as I look at it. Everything about it, the ombre ocean colors, the white lettering rolling up and down, it is all just very serene. And I love it.


If you haven’t subscribed already to this site, do so now so you do not miss any new posts! It will just send you an email anytime I have posted something new. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me through this, sent me sweet messages, comments, prayed over me and for me….it really makes a girl feel loved! Y’all are the best!





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