I’m on display!

It’s no secret I’m from Raleigh, NC. Sadly, I now live about 45 minutes away from Raleigh, but it’s a grand place and I love to sing it’s praises. I get asked a lot, “What is there to do in Raleigh?” and always at the top of my list is Jubala Coffee . For real, I will nearly make you sign in blood that you MUST visit Jubala when in town.


It is aesthetically a beautiful coffee shop, easy to hang out in with a friend, or alone {because sometimes we all just need a minute, amen?!} or for a meeting. But thank God, it doesn’t stop there. Not only is it fun, but the coffee….and the food!…and the coffee!!  Seriously, the tastiest lattes and cappuccinos ever. And the baristas do that cool pour thing {so official, I know} and make all sorts of pretty designs in your drink! As I always say, “you eat with your eyes first” so presentation is everything. And Jubala has it nailed down. All of those reasons, and many more, read about them here I just adore this local business.


So, when a few weeks ago, while at camp, I received an email from Paige at Jubala, asking if I would be their artist on display for July and August, I could have screamed out in joy! But the baby was asleep, so I didn’t. EEEEKKK! Did they really just ask me to hang my artwork for all of Raleigh to see?! YES PLEASE, AND THANK YOU! Starting next Monday, July 14 through August 31 I will have several pieces on display to see and sell!


Since I was at back-to-back summer camps after receiving that email, this past week, back home has been a week of working furiously to complete the pieces that will be hanging in Jubala a week from today. I am getting even more excited as I see all of them come together and can visualize it. I will have several pieces on display gallery style, and some will be oldies, but goodies I have reworked like, The Raleigh Print and some will be brand, spankin’ new like, Food is Memories.



New Raleigh Edited



So, why am I telling you guys this?

1) A big, HUGE thank you to Jubala Coffee! A sincere thank you for seeing my work and believing enough to give me this great opportunity. I am overwhelmingly excited.

2) Come and SEE it! If you live anywhere within traveling distance {planes, trains and ships count} stop in Jubala between JULY 14 – AUGUST 31 get a delicious cup of coffee and check it out! Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed, so please, come and see it! Jubala is located in the BEAUTIFUL new Lafayette Village in North Raleigh and has great outdoor space to enjoy especially in this great weather, so let the kids run around, stop by, or go with some friends.

3) SHARE IT! Share this post, share my future posts about this, tell people by word of mouth, whatever you’ve got to do, just let everyone you know about this fun coffee shop, with fun art that they just HAVE to check out!



Food is Memories Edited



The countdown is on, 7 days away. So start planning on when you will make a stop to Jubala in the next few weeks. As always, I am blown away at the opportunities God brings my way, things I could never dream of on my own. Something like this is a way I know the Lord is affirming me in what He is calling me to do and is telling me to press on. So I will.


Let me know if y’all want to grab a cup of coffee….I know a place!



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