GNO 2013

Every fall all the youth groups in my town come together for a big event we call Girls Night Out. It is a fantastic-FREE-evening if you are a teenage girl {ahem, or grown up girl!} because they are doted on from the moment they walk in. Fun photo booth pictures with friends, tons of prizes to win, they are served a sit down three-course dinner, and most importantly they get to hear a really great message about the God who loves them more than anything or anyone, and they have an opportunity to worship together. It’s a sweet, sweet night.

As you can imagine, there is lots of preparation for this event and I’m generally in charge of decorating and all things pretty! YAY! This year, that included the invitations we make and distribute throughout the city! So I began sketching what I wanted and here is what I went with:




The theme this year was “Country Chic” so as girlie as I wanted the invites to feel, I also wanted to hint at the feel for this year’s event. I think the Mason Jar with all the info helped capture that. And as you can see that I was clearly excited about 2014 because in October I felt like it was here! Ha, silly me! Obviously, I changed it to 2013.  Here is the finished product of the GNO invites.



Denim, barnwood, flowers, mason jars….mmm, who else loves the sound of that?! ME TOO! I was so thankful to have help from my friends Joe and Jodi on this project, it was a team effort….as GNO is every year! And I’m happy to report that GNO 2013 was a blast! There was lots of squeal-y teenage girls who had lots of fun:)

**Fun news of the day! I have re-opened my shop today from being on a break for Christmas! It was a much needed time of rest I desperately needed, and that my family needed. So for all of you who placed orders during that break I will begin working on them today! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for 2014! And in some way, today feels like the beginning of the year to me….so let’s do this!


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