Funday Monday=GIVEAWAY!

Hey friends! Things have been busy around the Ritchie home, or, “Camp Ritchie” as we like to call it. We have traveled to Texas, and the very next weekend to camp in the Western NC mountains with our students. And with everyone’s life there is just the usual, “busy”. A missions conference weekend at our church, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and several pretty pieces of art all thrown in and I would say February was full! So full, and it was great.

As we all know, in the midst of all that crazy, busy life we all share, sometimes we feel so drained. Like we just don’t have much to give at all. In my women’s bible study {shout out to anyone else who does BSF!!} we are studying through the book of Matthew this year. Most of us grew up hearing the story of how Jesus fed the 5,000 with a little boy’s sack lunch of some bread and fish. Call me slow, but during our lecture, I was furiously scribbling down notes and it hit me. Jesus just wants us to give Him what we have! That little boy didn’t have enough food to feed 5,000 men {not including all the women and children present}. Jesus didn’t look at that little bit and scold the boy for not bringing enough food, or start to sweat and say, “oh no, only a few fish and bread, what WILL I do?!” No, Jesus took the little the boy had and made much out of it. And praise the Lord, He does the same for us!


My sweet, funny friend, Jessica Hoover writes the most wonderful blog, Hand Me Down Grace. She is a wonderfully talented writer, mama, wife and is just funny! But oh, so real. We all need a little more real in our lives and a little less of the picture-perfect-pulled-together-I’m-fine bit. I hope you all run on over to her blog today and read how she too was able to relate to this idea of “Little is Much”. It hits home. But even better, she is giving away two, yes TWO of my calligraphy prints with this little reminder on it!! It is something I need to see in my home everyday, to give everything I have to Jesus, and even if it is only a little bit, He will supply all that I need and more. But whatever little I have, I need to give it to HIm, and trust Him with it.



Run over to Hand Me Down Grace and enter to win! The giveaway closes in just a few days so don’t miss your chance to score some free art! I just love how these ended up looking so simple in the frame, it is exactly what I wanted.




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