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The weekend is here again! Maybe you are ready for it. I’m feeling confused about it – Teague came down with the flu and I have had a cold all week so I didn’t get to work as much as I normally would. So on one hand I feel like it can’t really be the weekend but then again….I’m wiped, IT HAS GOT TO BE TIME FOR THE WEEKEND!


Whether you had a busy week or an easy going one I hope you take time to rest in the provision of the Lord this weekend and give one day to rest and refill yourself in preparation for next week. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to curl up with my iPad for a little while and scroll a few of my favorite blogs since I usually don’t do that during the work week. Hopefully this one provides you a few fun things to look through as you take a few minutes for yourself! Without waiting anymore, here are my favorite things to tell you about this week.



As much as I love having painted nails it is just not very practical for me. Aside from being a mom and washing my hands/children/dishes a million times a day I am also an artist so my hands are always being roughed up with paint and inks, washing them even more, usually scrubbing them a lot and I play guitar. I’m also generally rough and not very dainty when handling…anything #tomboy. No lie, I usually paint my nails and within 24 hours they are chipping. It is Daniel’s joke I need to just stop painting them because I’m always mad when they chip and peel so quickly. Oh, and professional manicures are even worse.


So when the heavens parted and a miracle happened, I had to tell y’all about it. Look at these nails. LOOK at them!



(Be kind, I am showing you an up close and personal look at my terrible cuticles! I told you I’m rough on these hands!)


You guys! This is day 12 of this nail polish!! I reapplied what I think is the magic topcoat after 8 days and there were still no chips at this point. The ONLY chip on these nails is one I got last night bathing the kids on the corner of one of the nails but you can’t even see it in the photos so its probably not very noticeable to anyone else either. My nails grow fast so you can see the growth from the nail beds but that’s it. Crazy good, right?!


Ok, so this is what I used:



The color is Essie in Petal Pushers, this is not a gel polish. The topcoat is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. Now, I know, the top coat is gel and the polish is not. So what, I’m a rebel. But there is no special light or anything. You just paint the nails as normal and once they are dry you’re done!


This is the plight of every woman everywhere. And I’m just saying….if my nails can survive 12 days without a chip then I would bet you could survive at least 15! Ok, don’t hold me to it, but THERE IS HOPE LADIES!





If we are going to be on our devices as much as we are we might as well have some good, life-giving stuff to look at and not just junk, amiright? This devotional app is from John Piper’s Desiring God Ministries and I have really come to love it.


The app has a new devotional each day, starting with a verse and then a very small excerpt from one of Piper’s books expounding on the verse. It is very short and you can read other days if you missed one and save your favorite ones to refer to later. I absolutely love reading these each day.


I don’t recommend this as your only bible study, because that is not what this is. However, it is wonderful to read if you are super rushed one day, or waiting in line somewhere or just to choose this over Facebook would do all of us a lot of good these days! It is a sweet source of encouragement to me, I like to send them to friends who I think might be encouraged by it if the Lord brings them to mind, and is sometimes a nice afternoon reset for my heart.


You can find the app here and it’s free!!




Ok, this one is for the artists out there. I am loving the beautiful, unruly texture my Horizon Folded Pen is giving me.




This is a logo I am working on and I just had to play with the colors. The scratches and splatters are so beautiful. There are so many letter forms you can create with this tool and I feel like I am just scratching the surface. I can’t wait to play more.


But some warning…it is MESSY! So wear old clothes and stay away from precious rugs and carpet!






Daniel bought me this book for Christmas a few years ago, and I just love it. As someone who followed along on Myquillyn’s blog here and there over the years she always inspired me how she made something really beautiful out of not much. No, maybe it wasn’t super fancy or straight out of Pottery Barn, but it was BEAUTIFUL! In its own way, own style and her own personality. I love that. I mean, the tagline is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” That’s my kind of book.


I find myself reaching for this book when I have a spare moment just to breathe inspiration into my heart as I am trying to change our very 90’s house into something that reflects us on a very small budget. I always walk away from her book feeling encouraged and not defeated because I don’t have a big ol’ budget like a lot of house and home publications make you feel.


Also, I went to Myquillyn’s house this fall with my friend Jamie for her Nest Fest. It was awesome, I wanted to buy all the things…I bought a few. And we bumped into Myquillyn a few times – nicest woman ever. Seriously, so hospitable and real….goodness I love down to earth people! She has no idea who I am but I’m a fan forever now because her heart is gold.


If you like this, Pin it, share it, tell your friends where the best nail polish ever is and have a great weekend!!

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