Friday Favs – 2.10.17

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I love a coffee date more than anyone. My love language is definitely quality time so if I get a chance to sit with you uninterrupted and talk for an extended amount of time, I feel we have shared our hearts.


In today’s world we can feel like we know people just because we follow them online. Which I think is a dangerous trap for replacing true community, but that is another post for another day. However, the things we can learn from one another and how we can be encouraged to do life and think about how to do life differently than the context of the world we live in all because we get snapshots and a few words on another person from around the world is one of the benefits of our digital world!


So, in pursuit of that, of understanding each other and for y’all to get a chance to know me, the artist behind the work, I wanted to start something called Friday Favs. It may not be every single Friday, but pretty regularly I want to hop on here and tell you the things I would be raving to you about if we could sit and have coffee together. Here are my few choices for this week:





So basically I just can’t stop listening to this girl. Her beautifully raw voice carries an honesty as she sings Truth-filled words like these from the song “Find You Here”:


It’s not the news that any of us hoped that we would hear
It’s not the road we would have chosen, no
The only thing that we can see is darkness up ahead
But You’re asking us to lay our worry down and sing a song instead

And I didn’t know I’d find You here
In the middle of my deepest fear, but
You are drawing near
You are overwhelming me, with peace

So I’ll lift my voice and sing
You’re gonna carry us through everything
You are drawing near
You’re overwhelming all my fears, with peace


I mean, who doesn’t need some good stuff like that in their lives. All the songs are beautifully written and fill you with joy and bring burning tears to your eyes too because you know what she is saying is truth. Love, love this album so much!! Ellie, please come to Charlotte soon! I need to hear you live!!  Go listen to it here!


UNINVITED – Lysa Terkeurst




Ok, I don’t want to be mean, but I feel like if you haven’t heard of this book by now you might be living under a rock….don’t hate me! Good news, if you are just finding out now, your secret is safe with me. So, I had several women in my life reading this, then a few of our students started reading it and they were all raving about it. So I finally broke down and bought a copy. Bonus, my morning bible study started going through this study with the video and I love it.


Why did I wait so long?! Honestly, the thing that kept me from this for so long was the tag line, “Living Loved, When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely.” I mean, it sounded great, but it just didn’t fit me right now in life. I feel like I don’t get hung up on rejection too much and I have always been of the camp to push on through and not dwell on who likes you and who doesn’t – you can never make everyone happy. However, it has surprised me with how much I like it, identify with it and am learning from it. Also, she doesn’t only deal with rejection in the book.


One quote from this week’s lesson has stuck with me:


“Don’t let today’s reactions become tomorrow’s regrets.”


Man, that’s good! This book has also helped me see how others feel rejected, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…hidden expectations on someone else will ALWAYS leave YOU hurt and it is NOT the fault of who you are upset with. We simply cannot hold people to unrealistic standards or at the very least, realistic ones that we never communicate to them. Here are two more quotes I love and then I will stop:)


“No, it’s not wrong to need people. But some of our biggest disappointments in life are the result of expectations we have of others that they can’t ever possibly meet.”


“We must speak with honor in the midst of being dishonored. We must speak with peace in the midst of being threatened. We must speak of good things in the midst of a bad situation. We must be obedient to, trust, and believe God and let Him boss around our contrary feelings.”


That! We must let Him boss around our feelings….YES!


You can find the book here.


WORK + REST – Sermon by Timothy Keller

At the end of last year I started reading Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller and wrapped it up last month. I loved this book so much. It is a wonderful read for anyone working in a non-ministry job, where I feel a lot of times we can say, “does my work here matter to the kingdom of God?” And Timothy answers this with a resounding YES! The basic gist is how we can connect our work with God’s work. I couldn’t recommend this book enough!


Several of the points that are made in the book are shared in this sermon titled, “Work and Rest.” I loved his explanation of “the work under the work” the thing that we are actually trying to achieve in all our work on the outside. Really good stuff. Keller is the Pastor of Redeemer Church in New York City where a large part of his congregation is made up of hard working, driven people working in the secular world of business, finance, advertising and so on. Keller’s ability to walk with this group of people has provided him with great wisdom in this area which he generously shares with us.



The sermon is about 40 minutes long, so put in your headphones and listen while you fold laundry or go for a walk this weekend!




This one is totally selfish! At the beginning of this year I prayed about Heather’s Letters and what God wanted me to do with it. As I said in my post on my word for the year I thought maybe He was calling me to give it a rest, to wait. But as I sought Him more it became clear that creating is a HUGE part of who I am and that God was telling me to “go” but that the way I would work would not look like the rest of the world and I would need to make peace with that or give it up.


Looking at what what the most important to me and prioritizing, I found the places God had set aside for me to work. Early in the mornings. This goes back to my post on my goals for 2017, but on Tuesdays-Fridays I wake up at 5am to work and get in my quiet time with God before I get my kids up between 7:30-45 each morning. But on Fridays, one of Daniel’s days off (since pastors work on Sunday he takes another day off) I get up and run as fast as I can to the Starbucks by my house and work there for 6 glorious hours all alone!! I know, it probably is not a big deal for some, but since I don’t have childcare those times I get alone are precious and I work as fast as I can to get as much done in that amount of time as possible.


And you know what has been cool. I come home TOTALLY refreshed and ready to be mom all weekend, the kids had great quality time with their dad and I’m home before lunch so I only missed a few hours with them. It has been a big win all around! If you are having a hard time finding that time for yourself to spend with God or to do something you love pray about it, God will show you where the time is, OR what you need to cut out to make that time.


I know, that was a lot, but you’ve got all weekend to check these things out. Would you share and pin this? When I find something good I want to tell all my people about it!!


Have you been into any of these things lately too? I feel like everyone I know is reading Uninvited! Have a happy weekend guys!


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