Free Printable Friday!

There’s a lot going on right now. Summer is coming to an end. Kids are going back to school. You suddenly see all the things you need to clean/paint/organize/fix/make happen that you’ve been putting off all summer, because….summer.


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I’m right there with y’all. Teague is going back to preschool and we have supply lists. I have a house I just moved into that is crying out for some TLC and my baby is about to turn 1 – don’t even start – so I have a party to plan.  I figure all of these things can get scribbled down on scrap paper, which is totally fine! But it sure makes the tasks a little more cheerful and fun when you have *pretty paper* to look at while doing it.



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So I made a free printable for all of us to use!! It prints just great on regular paper but if you want it to feel extra nice or maybe, durable, then print on some nice card-stock like I did!


Also, thank you for everyone who supported the reopening of Heather’s Letters this week. It means the world. Every order, every like and share and sweet comment was so encouraging. I’m looking forward to getting beautiful things in your hearts and homes!



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