Featured on Fifth of June!

Probably like many of you, summer is bustling along and we are all wondering how is it almost August?! Me too.


Orders are being shipped out, emailing, sweet little projects I am dying to share with you, and some time has been spent dreaming of the future of heather’s letters. I am excited to put these dreams into action and then share them with you all. It will be good!


This week I am speaking at Youth Week here in town and am spending the majority of available time working on that talk. Please be in prayer for me in that. I will share next week about this really awesome event!


Screenshot (2)


In the meantime, jump over to Fifth of June Photography and see the featured article on my work in Jubala. Paige is the curator of art at Jubala, a friend and INSANELY talented photographer. Take a moment and just peruse her sight, it is pure eye candy and you won’t be sorry! I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with her and to get to know her better. Her dreams are big, and she is not just a dreamer, but a doer! SO important if you want to go anywhere in this life.


Screenshot (3)


Thank you for featuring my work, Paige, both in Jubala and on Fifth of June!



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