Do What Makes Your Heart Wake Up – Pt. 3 – Reality

Wake Up 3

If you have followed along with us on this series, thank you! Sometimes it is hard to slow down and take a look at our lives and what we are doing with them, but I know the reward of finding what you are SUPPOSED to be doing is greater than the journey to get there! With a Christmas line to produce and release and freelance work to catch up on there has been a little break since the last two posts, and I hate that, but perhaps it gave us all a little more time to chew on this topic? I know it did for me!

If you want to catch up, read Part 1 : Fear and Part 2 : Clues and then join along on today’s post!

Today I am jumping right in! Hopefully by now you are getting a clearer idea of what you feel like you are supposed to be doing – that thing you are just made for, that makes your heart wake up! Now, not to be a bubble buster for anyone but I am going to ask a hard question. Is it your reality?

Getting wrapped up in chasing dreams is fun and exciting y’all, believe me, I get it! But at some point, the rubber will meet the road and if it is only a dream then your little bubble will burst and you will be upset, that yet again, you feel stuck. So we must assess what is our reality. That doesn’t mean is has to stay the same, it is just taking it all one baby step at a time and everyone must start at the beginning.

I don’t know all of your lives and circumstances, but all you have to know is yours! For me, starting a business has been extremely challenging on the time end. Why? I am a full-time stay at home mama. That is something I feel called to do, and if I neglected that to now change directions then I know I would not be honoring the Lord with the calling He has given to me. I am also a wife to a youth pastor. So, I am at church, a lot. I go on weekend retreats, and summer camps, day trips, evening meetings and events. I also lead worship for the youth group so I must find time to practice for that each week. All these things are specific to me and things that just won’t change, and shouldn’t change for me. I feel called to be a stay at home mom, I am called to have a healthy marriage with my husband and play an active role in our ministry. This is my reality! And as with all of you there are a MILLION other responsibilities thrown on top of those big ones that we just don’t have time to list out here.

Ocracoke Family pic

But I want you to. I want you to write down all the things you are responsible for. Or maybe you feel responsible for. What is eating your time? Most likely, it will be a mix of good and bad things like mine was. Once you have made your list, mark with a star next to the non-negotiables like : family, spending time with your husband, studying for school, going to work, etc. Whatever your situation is, you know what must stay on the list for now.

Now I want you to take this list and take everything else you have been writing down and get somewhere quiet and start praying that God would make sense of it all to you. Because what I find is often we have worked hard to make the life we have, full of commitments and responsibilities, which are not bad things! However, if you realize you are called to something different, that you really aren’t doing what makes your heart wake up, usually your reality and what you are dreaming about don’t quite line up.


My purpose is NOT to tell you to ditch all responsibility and chase your dreams like a star-struck 19 year old! This is a process. It will take time if you intend to go about it in a God-honoring way. But the point is that you are getting started!! That is PROGRESS! So start praying how God will have these two things line up for you. Pray about what things you can let go of to start making time for this purpose. If you need to start signing up classes to go back to school, or start making dedicated time to a skill or craft, whatever it is for you, will take sacrifice of other things. Just remember to keep the good things, the most important things – our kids, family, dearest friends – up on  a pedestal, safe from the danger of over-commitment and over-working, and instead nurturing them along the way. You don’t want to start chasing this great purpose at the expense of your first callings. Do it slowly, and safely.

I know it’s Turkey Week, but the last part of this series will appear sometime this week as you knaw on a turkey bone and slip into a food coma. Maybe with a little extra time off it will give you some extra time to be praying and thinking about this. And maybe telling someone over Thanksgiving who might be a great cheerleader or prayer partner for you?! Keep up the hard work and seek God’s face in all of this, and have a great time with your families!

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