Do What Makes Your Heart Wake Up -Pt.2- Clues

Wake Up 2



YAY! It’s Friday! It’s Halloween! That means lots of candy! I know I’m looking forward to a day of fun with my little man, Teague. If you joined us on Tuesday, you know the heart and inspiration behind this series. If not, take a peek back at Part 1 on Fear and then join us today for Part 2. Like I said in my last post, get ready to work, get ready to do more than read a blog if you want to get the wheels turning on this thing. You have to take ownership!


Once we have fought back the fear that can cripple us and cloud our minds, we need to start looking for clues. If you are in the boat that you feel like you want to do more, that you are sure God can be using you not necessarily better, but different or greater ways, but you don’t know what they are then this is great for you!


Clue 1 – What did you love doing as a child and teenager?


Now, don’t get too specific and when you look back and get scared that just because you used to crash toy cars into blocks as a child that this is now your destiny. Not quite…we are digging and looking for things that may string together a clue as to what you natural gravitated toward growing up. And note, not ALL things you were interested in mean something…they may have just been fun. But these are good indicators of what you are naturally drawn to before things like life, insecurity and time get in the way. It is our purest form of living without inhibitions.


For example, when I look back, as a kid I was ALWAYS drawing pictures! Pictures of animals, horses, whatever. I got super excited when a poster-board project was assigned in school because that meant I got to bust out the glitter, and get all creative with the letters and decorating. I was the girl in school who drew her name a bajillion different ways, I frequently changed my handwriting style (and to this day I can jump in and out of several different writing styles when writing notes or whatever, it is quite chaotic). Then in 7th grade they made all of us take a calligraphy course for a few days and everyone else hated it. Thought it was boring. It was for “old people” (what?!). They hated it. I LOVED IT! Anytime I saw a beautiful tag on a piece of clothing or item and it stood out to me with beautiful branding I kept it and would just study it. Even now, I hate to throw away a beautiful tag!


Looking back now those are all clues! Now, I also was a competitive swimmer for 15 years, rode horses for a good while and danced for several years. I loved all of those things and still do! But seeing all the puzzle pieces fit together for me, personally, I realize those other activities were just fun, and good creative outlets and things I just enjoy doing. None are my greatest passion. And that’s fine! There are lots of great things that we will just enjoy in life.


So, write down all those things you loved growing up, even if they seemed insignificant. What did you get lots of praise by family, friends or teachers for doing often or doing well? Just write it all down now.


One of my first sketches a year ago when I started drawing again.

One of my first sketches a year ago when I started drawing again.


Clue 2 – What do you still love doing?


If all my love of doodling just stopped in my high school years and I just didn’t care for it ever again, it probably would be another fun thing but not a passion. The reason I recognize it as a passion is that it didn’t stop. In college I changed my major from nursing to fine art + design after my freshman year art class. I went on to teach exceptional children for the next 5 years -I know, major change – but I used my creative side with anything and everything I could! Bulletin boards, classroom decorations, worksheets, etc.


Once I had my son I became a stay at home mom and I was in LOVE! But I did have some free time and I decided I needed to stop wasting it with TV or whatever and I needed to do something that I just loved. But I decided I wanted to do something that I loved and if I looked back on life and didn’t do I would be sad it got wasted. Hand-lettering and calligraphy came to mind.


I immediately started beating myself up with the lies that I wasn’t good at it anymore, I hadn’t done much with it in about 5 years, what would it matter even if I did start drawing again. All those lies! But somehow – the Lord! – I decided I needed to do it just because I loved it. It brought me joy and I planned on making things to decorate our house. So, it began…and then it didn’t stop.


So, what are you doing in your spare time? Or, if you had more spare time, what would you want to be doing? It doesn’t have to be one thing, write down whatever it is that you feel a pull on your heart. If it is serving, speaking another language, teaching, working with children, creating something, money-managing, organizing, coaching, whatever! The great part is, all of our answers will be different! That is awesome! That means God has specific plans for you and for me!


WakeUp Framed


Do you see a trend?


Look over everything you have wrote down in the last few days:


What would you do if you knew you could not fail.

What did you love doing/were good at growing up.

What do you still love doing or would do if you had the time?

Is there a trend?

Look at all your answers, all the clues and see what is coming together. Spend time praying and asking God to give you wisdom in this! One of the great things is that you may already be doing what you are passionate about! So, maybe all this will affirm that in your life, and help you refocus on WHY God wants you doing whatever you are doing! When we refocus and ask God to direct us rather than just rushing forward on our own He gives us greater vision and clarity and more importantly, purpose!

If you are trying to piece this puzzle together and just don’t know yet, keep searching, praying, asking God what it is. If God created you with a certain purpose, He won’t leave you in the dark for you to never fulfill it when you are willing and asking to step forward in that direction. God takes glory in you serving Him! However, everything is also in God’s timing, and most of us will have a few purposes in life in which God calls us to serve.

The goal with this is to hear from the Lord what that is, right now, in this season, with all your natural passions and gifts and to operate from that place. So that way we are not spreading ourselves thin in areas we weren’t really supposed to be meddling in. Yes, God is sovereign, He works all things together, but God also has a purpose for all of us. So, are you doing it? Are you digging into the work of finding out what it is? I pray you are joining the journey and getting some good answers!

As always, invite someone along and share this so others you love can start digging deep too! If you are finding some great answers, leave them in the comments! It would be great for us all to see and share what God is doing in each of our hearts. How is He making your heart wake up?!


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