Christa Wells Album Cover

One night, I was contacted by my friend, and talented graphic designer/singer/songwriter/creative person, Shelly Moore { follow her : @shellyeve } to letter “it’s you” for her.


I had literally pulled into camp that minute and said, well, all I have with me to draw is a regular pen, a sharpie and some scrap paper in my Bible. So I drew something sent it to her and by the end of that night, we had an album cover! I had no idea that is what I was working on when I started drawing this.


photo (2)



I love that I got the opportunity to contribute to this beautiful album cover {really, look at her, she is gorgeous!} and am looking forward to listening to this album which drops August 5!  Check her out at


Just doing a happy dance over all the cool stuff God is doing and opportunities He is challenging me with. Who knows what is next?! I think I will celebrate with my little fam in a very summery way with ice cream tonight! Happy hump day, y’all!



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