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It is December 1st! Where has the year gone? I keep wondering that as the years get faster as I get older…

Also with December 1 comes the beginning of Advent. If you are like me you can have grand expectations of savoring Jesus in the Christmas season and then all of a sudden it is Christmas Eve, and you are standing at a candlelight service at church singing Silent Night and you realize you have barely meditated on the coming Jesus. Worst feeling.

The last few years I have tried to be more intentional about this, but lets be real – this will be a struggle every year! So, to help you all tune your hearts (and mine) to Jesus this Christmas I wanted to round up a few GREAT resources! Y’all know I LOVE sharing good things when I find them and the past few days I kept thinking of all of the awesome Advent studies releasing today so I decided to compile the whole list here for you to refer to, find links and pass on to friends.


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His Promise, Our Savior


Advent Carol Ellis

My friend Carol Ellis of Ellis Illustrations created this study that leads you to dwell on the promises of God in anticipation of Jesus fulfilling them despite our failures. I am excited for this because it is straight scripture with questions to provoke you to pause and reflect on that day’s scripture and promise.


The cool thing about this study is it is a download that comes with 4 beautiful, BEAUTIFUL prints to hang around your home, the devotional calendar, questions, and really cool…a Spotify playlist created to further help you center your heart on Jesus!  All for only $5. Seriously, that is amazing!


This study was created for anyone to enjoy! Single ladies, single dudes, married, parents, old, young…I love that. Another great thing is the FREE Kid’s Pack that comes with a coloring map and puzzles for your kids to have fun with each day in December and correlate with the adults study. So this study really could be a one-stop shop for you parents because you would just talk to the kids about what you studied as they color their map or do the puzzle. Put on the Spotify playlist in the car, as you cook dinner, and make it a whole family experience. This would be great for smaller kids who cannot read a study on their own yet.



Our Deliverer


Advent GL


If you are a mama this devotional is made for you! Abbey Wedgeworth of Gentle Leading is a mama who has a heart to make Jesus known to many and specifically to other mothers. She has created an advent study in past years as well and asks for moms to be the contributing writers! I just think that is so cool how she makes this a community project bringing many together for the one thing that unites us all, even more than motherhood – Jesus Christ.


This year’s theme is, “Our Deliverer.” Each day we will look at how Jesus didn’t come to just save us, but to deliver us from so much! There is freedom in Christ and your heart will be ministered to as you hear how Christ has delivered each of these women from struggles, sin, and hardships that we all can sympathize or identify with. I was honored to be asked to be a contributor this year with such a great group of women. I’m excited to read what everyone will share.


Not only could this minister to you but if you have struggled trying to share Christ with a neighbor, a mom at the library or park, or you want something for your bible study gals to talk through this would be a great suggestion! You will relate to these devotionals and it would be a great conversation starter with friends and family. This study is FREE and emailed straight to your inbox every single morning. Read it if you have a quiet moment with the Lord each day, or while nursing a baby or waiting in line Christmas shopping. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.



The King Is Coming



I might be particularly proud of this one because it was created by my own husband, Daniel Ritchie! If you have followed along for any amount of time you might have seen me share some of his work occasionally. Daniel is a truly gifted writer, preacher, and has the biggest heart for discipleship and relational ministry! He is also passionate about men growing closer to Jesus and stepping into their call to lead in their homes and church as the spiritual leaders.


There are a lot of Advent devotionals designed for women but not as big of a selection for the men in our lives. This one is written by a man, for men. But ladies, you can read too! If you are married this would be an awesome study for you to recommend to your husband!


The King Is Coming is a daily reading that is FREE and sent straight to your inbox as well. So it would be easy for you to also read it and have a point of discussion over what you both learned that day when you had a free moment to read it. Or if you have a son old enough to read this on his own and discuss it with you over dinner or in the car, he might enjoy a quick study as he grows in His walk with the Lord. Share it with a brother, your dad, any man in your life you think would be encouraged and benefit from their heart being refocused on Jesus this Christmas season.


This Advent study will walk through the eager expectation the Jews had for the Messiah, how His arrival changed a nation, and the world. Finally seeing how our expectation of Jesus coming again shapes every believer today. It will lead you to fall more in love with Jesus.



Kid Theology


Advent KT


So Kid Theology is not just an Advent study but an AMAZING resource to parents!! Seriously, if you have not followed this account on social media you need to. Aaron Proffitt is a pastor in Florida who is passionate about parents being the primary voice of discipleship in their kid’s lives.  Just listen to their mission statement:


“Kid Theology is a resource that provides content to help uniquely equip parents who in turn disciple their children to know and love Jesus.”

This advent study is another free one, emailed to you each morning and has a verse of the day, explanation, some guiding questions, a small prayer and a downloadable list of an Advent Activity for your family to choose or plan into your schedule for the month. If you struggle to lead your kids in any type of family worship or devotional then THIS is perfect for you! It is all written out for you, very quick and simple for wiggly little ones to sit through yet understand on their level. And honestly, this is a wonderful way to begin the habit of family devotionals if you struggle in this area. The whole website is chock full of other resources to help you as a parent in this area.


You would think I know them or get a cut of this or something but Daniel and I are just really passionate about this topic. After working with students for 14 years and in full-time student ministry for almost 12 years we cannot stress this enough – it is not the church’s responsibility to disciple your children, it is your responsibility. Praise God for churches and youth groups to support parents in this endeavor, to give teaching, resources, and extra “back up,” or to step in when a student doesn’t receive spiritual leadership in the home. Don’t be intimidated. Just start simply and you know what? God will bless your efforts! Just watch.


.   .   .   .


I hope that round up was helpful. There really is something for everyone. You can look at what time and effort you can give during this busy season with other commitments and tailor make an Advent study for your family.


Personally, this is how I plan to customize my Advent season this year:

  • Morning- Study His Promise, Our Savior as my personal bible study and prayer time before the kids get up.
  • Lunch – I try to have a “re-set” as best I can around this time of day. Instead of scrolling away on my phone I plan to read the Our Deliverer devotional and The King Is Coming and meditate and pray on those, and reflect on the questions as I work the rest of the day.
  • Evening –  As I cook dinner I usually play music while the kids run around. Instead I plan on playing the His Promise, Our Savior playlist and give my kids the coloring map and puzzle and keep them busy with that while I cook.
  • Before Bed – We will go through the Kid Theology daily advent study with the kids.


That way my day is spent meditating on the anticipation of Jesus, but in small attainable ways and by the time the kids are in bed, and I have some time alone with Daniel I can discuss his study of the day with him.


Like I said. That is the plan. We all know plans go awry. And that is where grace comes in. So don’t stop and give up if the day is “ruined” because you forgot, or the kids wouldn’t listen. The Christian life isn’t about perfection, it is about His perfection in our failures and that we just don’t stop getting up and going at it again.


If this is helpful share it with a friend please! These resources are for everyone!


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WhatSo last week I told you guys about an exciting little announcement….that Heather’s Letters now has a monthly newsletter packed with goodness to send to you!!! Can you tell, I’m a little excited?

Why is it so exciting? Well lets face it, we are busy people, and as much as I LOVE some of my favorite bloggers and business owners out there I may go a month or more without getting to check out their latest posts. However, we all check our email and there is nothing better than happy email to look forward to! Sometimes when I’m going through my inbox I save my “fun emails” like newsletters and such for last as a kind of reward for cleaning out my inbox. Weird? Maybe. Does it work? YES.

Part of my mission with Heather’s Letters is to bring beauty, encouragement and inspiration where I can to you all, and that includes your inboxes! I want you to have something fun and encouraging or pretty to look forward to and you don’t have to do a single thing other than go through your email. Its simple, and we all need a little more simple, amen?!


My guess is you have questions, so here are a few I thought you might have an the answers to them all:


1. If I sign up will I start getting lots of emails from you? – Nope! I totally respect the fact you know you are signing up for a MONTHLY newsletter and will only send that email to you. Also being a Heather’s Letters Insider you are privy to know first about big sales, classes or launches so in those rare occasions if I need to pass that info along sooner than the regular once a month email I will but I promise that will not happen every month and only when necessary. I hate a cluttered inbox just as much as you.

2. What are you going to be sending in this newsletter? – Most excitingly, FREE downloadable goodies for you!! Each month it will be something different…a print, notecard, desktop or mobile wall paper, etc. Whatever inspires me for that month ahead I will be creating beautiful new hand-lettered items for you to enjoy. As well as…

  • A round up of some favorite music, podcasts, blogs, or any fun things I am finding lately
  • Helpful content if you are a growing artist
  • Encouragement pulled from different sources to get you excited for the month ahead
  • Peeks behind the scenes of what I am working on
  • Special coupon codes just for HL Insiders, and the heads up on classes, new products and sales. Wow, can it be any more packed full with goodness? That’s a fun email to get!

3. What do I have to do to sign up? – Just enter your email address at the bottom of this post and you’re done! Like I said, I want this to be simple for you.

4. What if I don’t like the newsletter, can I unsubscribe? – I hope that’s not the case, but if so then absolutely! Simply go to the bottom of the newsletter when you receive it and click “unsubscribe” and you will never get another email from me again.


I am so excited about the rest of the year ahead and I want to invite you to join me each month and lets grow together. I’m sure this newsletter will evolve a little through the coming year but that is because I want to give you more of what you want to see and hear about! If there is something you know you would love to know more about me, my business and artwork or life, would you let me know? You can always drop me an email at or leave a comment below!


Friends, thank you for those of you who have already signed up, I hope you enjoy our first issue and the 10% off coupon code to the Heather’s Letters Shop you should have received as well. If you haven’t become a Heather’s Letters Insider yet, sign up for the newsletter below and a coupon code will also be sent to you for you to use in the shop!!


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March Goals-01


Friends, February kinda kicked my butt.

I tried really hard to accomplish every goal. I got stressed when I realized some were just not going to happen this month. Then I made the choice to let it go, not let this stop me from getting after it in March.

We all know, life happens. Kids catch the flu. You suddenly are needed by people in your life for extra long phone calls and meetings over coffee. That one project took waaaayy longer than you ever thought humanly possible. Your husband suddenly needs to travel for work.

And praise the Lord for being able to bounce and flex and fill those roles, support the ones we love and balance this big juggling act! I am thankful for the tension of these roles in my life, they reveal my weakness and push me towards a deeper dependence on Jesus Christ.

In that dependence I asked God to show me what to take on and what to shove off my plate this month. And honestly, March is going to be one of our absolute busiest months since last summer. Its a little crazy over here. But I was amazed as the list went on. I’m intimidated by it, but perhaps it will hold me accountable to put Christ before all as I begin each day, holding these goals with loose hands. I wonder what will last and what will be pushed aside by April 1? Crazy, we are almost a quarter into 2017!


March Goals

  • Work on the monthly budget with Daniel – this will be an every month goal.
  • Book hotel for my friend Paige’s wedding this month!
  • Find a great dress to wear to the wedding. – aka, fun goal.
  • Connect with two local friends over a playdate.
  • Purchase furniture for playroom/office – life pushed out time for this to happen in February.
  • Paint Teague’s dresser.
  • Makeover + pain guest room – same, life happened.
  • Sell baby items – is anyone else emotional over this one?
  • Spring/summer clothes shopping for the kids…if I don’t, they will be naked.
  • Get Mailchimp up and running
  • Send out the first Heather’s Letters Newsletter! – YAY!

Did you read that last one?!?

Yes! I am so pumped to finally be able to connect with you, friends, in an easier way for you. Each month I will deliver to you a newsletter highlighting some of the best things happening at Heather’s Letters AND when new, big things are coming up YOU get to be the first to know about them. That includes sales, class offerings, new products in the shop and because you are signed up for the newsletter you get special perks too, like:

  • Special sales only for Heather’s Letters Insiders
  • FREE hand lettered downloadable goodies like prints, memory verse cards, stationary and more!
  • HL Insider only coupon codes
  • Monthly encouragement, tips and valuable content to encourage and inspire you

This has been a long time goal/dream for me to be able to make it easier for us to connect and I am incredibly excited about it!! If any of those sound appealing at all to you then I want to invite you to be a Heather’s Letters Insider with us by signing up for the newsletter in the sidebar on the blog or at the bottom of this post! Be on the lookout later this week, I will be telling you more about the newsletter and why this is mail you will actually look forward to each month!

I would love to hear from YOU about what you want to see in the newsletter! Fun things, scripture and encouragement, behind the scenes look at my work, projects, tools I use, etc. Throw it out there because what you want is what I will bring to you. Thanks so much friends, don’t forget to sign up below and keep your eyes peeled for another post later this week!


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This week we are foregoing the Friday Favs for something I think you might like even more….a BIG birthday blowout sale!!!




In November when I wanted to have a Black Friday sale I was on the other side of the world in Indonesia! I could have tried to manage it from afar or asked someone to help but sometimes something just has to give. So this year it was the big holiday sales for me. It made me super sad because I love them as much as you guys.


But like I said then, who says I have to have my big sale then. I mean, this is my own business for crying out loud, right? That’s part of the beauty of running your own business….you make the rules! So, as promised, I am giving you a big sale in place of that one and I thought no better way than to use my birthday as that time to party and stock up on some pretty art!

Waves and Wind Print


From now through Monday, February 27 at midnight E V E R Y T H I N G in the Heather’s Letters Shop is 20% off AND if you use the coupon code HBDHEATHER at check out you get FREE SHIPPING! What?! I know. I know. It’s exciting.


So tell your friends, share this image, plan ahead and buy early gifts for friends, teachers, graduation, Mother’s Day, etc. This is the biggest sale we will have all year until Black Friday! This is my way to have a party with y’all so party HARD! Have a great weekend guys!!

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The weekend is here again! Maybe you are ready for it. I’m feeling confused about it – Teague came down with the flu and I have had a cold all week so I didn’t get to work as much as I normally would. So on one hand I feel like it can’t really be the weekend but then again….I’m wiped, IT HAS GOT TO BE TIME FOR THE WEEKEND!


Whether you had a busy week or an easy going one I hope you take time to rest in the provision of the Lord this weekend and give one day to rest and refill yourself in preparation for next week. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to curl up with my iPad for a little while and scroll a few of my favorite blogs since I usually don’t do that during the work week. Hopefully this one provides you a few fun things to look through as you take a few minutes for yourself! Without waiting anymore, here are my favorite things to tell you about this week.



As much as I love having painted nails it is just not very practical for me. Aside from being a mom and washing my hands/children/dishes a million times a day I am also an artist so my hands are always being roughed up with paint and inks, washing them even more, usually scrubbing them a lot and I play guitar. I’m also generally rough and not very dainty when handling…anything #tomboy. No lie, I usually paint my nails and within 24 hours they are chipping. It is Daniel’s joke I need to just stop painting them because I’m always mad when they chip and peel so quickly. Oh, and professional manicures are even worse.


So when the heavens parted and a miracle happened, I had to tell y’all about it. Look at these nails. LOOK at them!



(Be kind, I am showing you an up close and personal look at my terrible cuticles! I told you I’m rough on these hands!)


You guys! This is day 12 of this nail polish!! I reapplied what I think is the magic topcoat after 8 days and there were still no chips at this point. The ONLY chip on these nails is one I got last night bathing the kids on the corner of one of the nails but you can’t even see it in the photos so its probably not very noticeable to anyone else either. My nails grow fast so you can see the growth from the nail beds but that’s it. Crazy good, right?!


Ok, so this is what I used:



The color is Essie in Petal Pushers, this is not a gel polish. The topcoat is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. Now, I know, the top coat is gel and the polish is not. So what, I’m a rebel. But there is no special light or anything. You just paint the nails as normal and once they are dry you’re done!


This is the plight of every woman everywhere. And I’m just saying….if my nails can survive 12 days without a chip then I would bet you could survive at least 15! Ok, don’t hold me to it, but THERE IS HOPE LADIES!





If we are going to be on our devices as much as we are we might as well have some good, life-giving stuff to look at and not just junk, amiright? This devotional app is from John Piper’s Desiring God Ministries and I have really come to love it.


The app has a new devotional each day, starting with a verse and then a very small excerpt from one of Piper’s books expounding on the verse. It is very short and you can read other days if you missed one and save your favorite ones to refer to later. I absolutely love reading these each day.


I don’t recommend this as your only bible study, because that is not what this is. However, it is wonderful to read if you are super rushed one day, or waiting in line somewhere or just to choose this over Facebook would do all of us a lot of good these days! It is a sweet source of encouragement to me, I like to send them to friends who I think might be encouraged by it if the Lord brings them to mind, and is sometimes a nice afternoon reset for my heart.


You can find the app here and it’s free!!




Ok, this one is for the artists out there. I am loving the beautiful, unruly texture my Horizon Folded Pen is giving me.




This is a logo I am working on and I just had to play with the colors. The scratches and splatters are so beautiful. There are so many letter forms you can create with this tool and I feel like I am just scratching the surface. I can’t wait to play more.


But some warning…it is MESSY! So wear old clothes and stay away from precious rugs and carpet!






Daniel bought me this book for Christmas a few years ago, and I just love it. As someone who followed along on Myquillyn’s blog here and there over the years she always inspired me how she made something really beautiful out of not much. No, maybe it wasn’t super fancy or straight out of Pottery Barn, but it was BEAUTIFUL! In its own way, own style and her own personality. I love that. I mean, the tagline is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” That’s my kind of book.


I find myself reaching for this book when I have a spare moment just to breathe inspiration into my heart as I am trying to change our very 90’s house into something that reflects us on a very small budget. I always walk away from her book feeling encouraged and not defeated because I don’t have a big ol’ budget like a lot of house and home publications make you feel.


Also, I went to Myquillyn’s house this fall with my friend Jamie for her Nest Fest. It was awesome, I wanted to buy all the things…I bought a few. And we bumped into Myquillyn a few times – nicest woman ever. Seriously, so hospitable and real….goodness I love down to earth people! She has no idea who I am but I’m a fan forever now because her heart is gold.


If you like this, Pin it, share it, tell your friends where the best nail polish ever is and have a great weekend!!

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