Be The Love You Want To See



Happy, happy Valentine’s Day everyone! My kids are pumped to wake up to special little treats this morning at the breakfast table and I am going to be helping at Teague’s class Valentine’s party in a few hours. Cue the sugar!


I just wanted to hop on here and encourage you all with a quick thought for the day. I know Valentine’s Day isn’t the most fun sometimes for you if you are single or widowed. I’m sure the sting can even be unbearable. But as I was praying for a few of my amazing single girlfriends this weekend, and how to encourage us all on this “day of love” this thought came to mind.


Be the love.


Be the love you want to see in the world. Much like the quote, “be the change you want to see in the world.” While the original is a fantastic quote, most change comes from a deep love for someone, something, a cause.


It is the common small talk lately that we all hate the nastiness of social media (ahem, FaceBook) and how we have all had it just about up to here! So, what will you do with your little area of social media? Your little corner of the world, community, people you see on the regular? Today, I pray we can have a heart change, a shift to stop thinking about what we are supposed to get out of this holiday or even worse, comparing to others what we are or are not receiving. Rather, we would take the responsibility and say what have we done to make others feel loved around us?


Be The Love You Want To See


This can happen in a million different ways and should not just be today, but a genuine heart change of how can I love those near and far to me? Let’s be challenged together to pray about how we can be the love to others within our reach.


Also, aren’t these images by Shay Cochrane gorgeous?! All the heart eyes for her beautiful work! All calligraphy is my own.

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