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So a few weeks ago I was up to my eyeballs in work. It is a great problem to have, but between youth ministry in full-swing summer mode, completing orders, meetings, emails, and just the nitty gritty of keeping a small business running….and running after a 2 year old I was pretty swamped. However, when I received an email from the sweetest, and talented, Kate Monroe asking if I would create a logo, I couldn’t say no. This is something I have been wanting to do more of!


I ran it by Daniel, knowing this would mean a little after hours work, and our time together was already scarce, but as always, he was supportive and excited for me and said, “go for it”. I love that man.


Kate Monroe and Ruthie Allen are utterly talented wedding photographers who recognized the need as many creative entrepreneurs do, for rest. As a creative, if you starve yourself of rest for too long your reserves of creative energy become depleted, your work becomes a taxing chore, and then it affects the rest of your life. All of which are no bueno. So Ruthie and Kate founded Return to Rest, a retreat for creative entrepreneurs to have a time of rest, and refreshment amongst others in their same field. It sounds just heavenly to me.


After a few emails and pictures back and forth we were on our way with first sketches, that got narrowed down to final decisions then to the final product! I hope you all enjoy this process as much as I did!



RTR sketch1




RTR sketch2




RTR sketch3



RTR final



First sketches I explored modern calligraphy, brush lettering and hand lettering. Since the feeling wanting to be achieved was to be light, whimsical, and romantic, we decided the modern calligraphy composition done in brush lettering would produce that feeling the best. I believe so too!


Here is the final shot again on the Return to Rest website, layered with watercolor by Kate, that just turned out so lovely.


ReturnToRest Screenshot edited



Kate and Ruthie, you both were so much fun to work with and so understanding I couldn’t be happier. Wishing you all blessings on your amazing retreat, I know it will reach the hearts of many.



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