Hey y’all! It’s FRIDAY! Whoop, whoop!

If you have been following my announcements all week on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you know I am selling my calligraphy Mother’s Day prints through the end of TODAY! It’s not too late to snag one if you want it. They are 5×7 white cardstock with the quote

“She taught me what’s important and what isn’t. And I’ve never forgotten. And that’s what mothers do, I say.” by Steven Herrick.

Prints are $10 each + $2 shipping.




Email me at heatherslettersdesign@gmail.com by 8pm Eastern TONIGHT if you want to make sure you have one to give mom, grandma, that lady you always felt like was a second mama to you….I’m lucky to have a few of those in my life too. They will ship out at the beginning of next week, in time for you to get it framed and wrapped up all pretty for Mother’s Day.




I’ve been hinting at coming changes around here and am happy to say they are beginning! I have prayed a lot over them and talked to Daniel, aka, my sounding board, family and friends all of whom have been so awesome and supportive! Just LOVE you guys! But you know there are times when you know God is leading you in a direction but you get tangled up in the details and maybe a little fearful of the risks? Ok, maybe not you, but it happened to me.

And I whole-heartedly believe {no matter how scary it is} that these next steps are a reflection of being the good steward He is leading me to be. That they are keeping what matters most as the most important things in my life. Growing pains, right? It is good, but you feel it.

In the middle of thinking, praying and planning for this today I was flipping through my planner and I looked up at the quote inside it for today and here it was:


SP quote1


Unfortunately, this picture was taken after I immediately circled and underlined this like a mad-woman! But that just shows how much it spoke to me! I know, this is no great deep, philosophical revelation…in fact it is quite simple. But the timing was spot on and I just froze when I saw it. It’s like the Lord used it right at that moment to calm all the worries and fears in my heart about it all and just remind me of this simple principle. It was His way of saying, “It’s ok. You won’t see the reward you want if you don’t take the risk. But trust Me with that risk.”

So, come back here Monday. Circle it, mark it on your calendars, set an alarm on your phone, whatever. You will see where my heart has been turning, what this will look like and all the goodness that will come your way!

Thanks for everyone who has cheered me on in this. You have no idea how you all have blessed me! Now, go have a spectacular weekend!

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