Doing What Matters Most

“How you spend your TIME is how you spend your LIFE.”

I love this quote by the super inspirational, Lara Casey. It is something that really gripped me as I had time to reflect on 2013 the week after Christmas this year. You see, this crazy little thing right here, heather’s letters, was NOT in my plans for this year. Truly, I have always dreamed of having a little “at-home business” creating beautiful lettering and who knows what else. But it was always that thing I said I would do “one-day”. You know, those things you say you will do ONE DAY when the kids are grown, you’re more settled down, you have finances to invest in a new business, you aren’t painting your toenails or washing your hair. Ha! But this is how it all happened.

As an artist I am always dreaming, creating, experimenting and seeking inspiration. On Instagram I began posting some stuff I was drawing here and there. Just to post it, nothing more. Around October of 2013 people started asking me here if I could make something for them. I.was.floored! I told Daniel after I received my first order or two, “It is so humbling and flattering that people actually want to buy something from me! I never thought this would happen!” At this point there was no name or focus for what I was doing, I was just happy to create things for people if they wanted it. Toward the end of October I was asked to participate in a local vendor sale, which at that point Daniel and I decided it was time to actually call this a business with a name and all! So we decided heather’s letters summed it up pretty nicely.

Between then and Christmas I was asked to join Stillframe Studio, a collaboration with some lovely other creative ladies. :::Check it out, we have created some pretty beautiful work:):::  I went to another vendor sale to promote both HL and SS, took a TON of Christmas orders, and basically, worked myself to the bone to keep up with the demand and meet everyone’s Christmas deadline. It was wonderful, exciting, exhausting, and I had no life. I fought hard to do those special things {especially at Christmas} with my family but nearly every free moment and well into the night {1 or 2am!} I was trying to finish projects and keep up with responding to all my clients. I knew about a week into December that something had to change. I took 2 weeks off at Christmas to rest, pray and think through what REALLY mattered to me, what GOD was calling me to and how things were going to look different from here on out. heather’s letters is a wonderful blessing and truly a dream come true that I had no intention of pursing, however, it began SO quickly, I didn’t have time to even decide how my life needed to change so this would be a blessing and not a burden. Thankfully, God has been so good to bless me with this, in many personal ways, it has been just what I needed! My prayer is that I will keep doing this until He tells me to stop….y’all, God is really driving the bus here. I didn’t even try to start a business but before I knew it I had one! That is God!

So after all of that prayer, conversations with my husband, and really working through what matters most to me and what God is calling me to {in large part to Lara Casey’s powersheets & goal-setting} here are the changes I am making around here…changes for the better! Woohoo!

All orders MUST be placed through email

Let me tell you why. This whole business began and grew because of social media. Cool, right?! Yes, and I will continue to use it a lot. //Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @heathersletters !// However, because of that, I began getting orders placed ALL.OVER.SOCIAL.MEDIA. On my FB wall, FB messages, Instagram pictures, the comments of a current or old picture on FB or Instagram, someone mentioning something in passing, Twitter, etc. All of this is wonderful and I am SO grateful! However, it gets a leeetle crazy. So, for time, and efficiency and to not miss something important from one of you please contact me through email for any orders, thoughts, questions and so forth. It will make all of our lives easier and save time, yes! I have cut WAY back on the amount of social media I am using so if you were to contact me on there I very well may miss a message from one of you. And that would stink. So fill up my inbox people:)

When I receive payment is when I BEGIN work.

This is one of those stinky things I hate to do, but as you can imagine, materials for projects come at a cost and so does my time. If I begin a project and suddenly the client decides they don’t want it anymore for whatever reason {and I understand there can be very good reasons!} it still has been wasted time, materials and money on my end that most of the time I cannot recover. So, once we are clear on your project, I will accept payment THEN will purchase your materials and begin work. Thanks for understanding!

You won’t be hearing from me on weekends {and the occasional random day of the week}.

Frame Your Story Photography by Rebecca Scott

Frame Your Story Photography by Rebecca Scott

You see that beautiful boy? That is Teague Walker….be still my heart! That sweet little guy is mine! I am SO lucky to be his mama, and I am SO in love with him, truly. I know for this season of my life, God has called me to be at home with him, and whatever other little ones we will have along the way. It is AWESOME! We play, and read, sing, chase the dog, learn, and laugh *a lot*, and go on adventures and have pj days and as I tell him every day, he is my Best Buddy. He is the reason this small business will stay just that. Small.

When Teague is awake, it is Camp Ritchie {as we call it in our house} business as usual. When he naps is when I drag out my materials at the kitchen table, sit down and work on all my orders, answer emails and write these posts. Now, you see this other guy…..

Photography by Cassie Helms

Photography by Cassie Helms

Yep, he’s my guy. Daniel is the other reason why I won’t be working on weekends or evenings. We have been married for 7.5 years and are still each other’s best friend and still in love, praise the Lord! But I know without a doubt if I were to change nothing and keep working like crazy we would not be each other’s friend or probably married for very long. It just wasn’t healthy. Weekends are all theirs and we have a great time together and I want to keep it that way. I want to show my family that they are the most important part of my life by giving them my time. When I am with them, I am present, not glued to a screen or checked out doing my own thing. It can be hard, selfishly I want to be doing my own thing at times, but usually, whatever is distracting me is not of eternal value. However, the time I pour into my family, IS of eternal value. I also mentioned a random day here or there I might be “off”.

You see, Daniel is a Student Pastor and we l-o-v-e LOVE student ministry! Those kids grow to feel like my kids! So if they stop by the house and want to hang out, that is what I do. Stop the presses, put down the pens and ink, they have my attention. Because of my husband’s job, Sunday’s are work days for us. We are nearly at church the entire day from early in the morning to late at night. So every once in a while Daniel takes off a weekday so we can have some more family time. Also with student ministry comes camps, mission trips, retreats, events, all our weekly meetings and so forth. We have learned to just fly by the seat of our pants…it keeps life interesting!

So to sum all this up is a quote from another favorite inspirational lady Emily Ley

Do What Matters

Amen, sista-friend!

Thank you to all of you for reading and supporting me in this. Really, the hugest THANK YOU! I have so far to grow and so much to learn! Please don’t think I have anything figured out. I am in desperate need of God’s word and grace every moment of every day. But I am glad to share the journey and to see what God does with this!

I hope me sharing some of my heart here encourages you to do what matters most to you as well. To pray and seek what God is telling you matters most! There is a specific purpose for how and why He designed you and you glorify Him most when you live in that purpose. In the center of His will for your life!

How are you making time for what matters most in your life? Leave it in the comments, or of course, shoot me an email 😉

And check back FRIDAY for a project I am really excited to share with you all! I can’t wait! Happy hump day!

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  • Audrey

    Love this and I am so happy for you and your new “little” business. Love that you set up guidelines to keep God and the family first. Cant wait to work with you on the wedding invitations!!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Audrey! That encouragement is just what I needed to hear :) Yes, I am super excited to start these invites for your beautiful wedding!! Woohoo!ReplyCancel

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